I want to share some of my stories. But there are too many stories from too many times and too many lives. Sometimes it all feels like a dream.

To organize the material I have divided my life into Stages and Strands and gathered some Resources I can draw on. You can use the menu at the top of the page to view all three. The first three years of the Blog (2013-2016) are imported from a previous project I need to also weave into the mix.

This site has a framework, and many of the puzzle pieces are on the table, but a lot of them don’t really fit together yet. Was this really only one life?

Next is the more creative challenge of bringing out a coherent tone and readable flow from the current patchwork. The vision is a multi-dimensional hologram of the life I’m living, flowing together with yours and the life of the world. Not as easy as it sounds.

Until that happens,  maybe the best place to start is at another previous project, my Briefbio.  It’s more traditional and linear. It became the first layer of this project. Things were simpler then.