Human Being
Student of Life
Working my way toward an earthy, humane, non-sectarian, inclusive spirituality
Husband, father, son, brother, friend
Retired high-school teacher librarian
Voracious, omnivorous reader
Lifelong drummer
Music lover
Aspiring writer
Intention to cultivate bodhicitta

Last night’s thought

I have discovered a pattern to what I am drawn to read beside books about Buddhism, and drawn to write about, beside the stories of my life.

I want to briefly describe the various views of what kind of shift of consciousness is necessary for healing our world, according to some of the global visionaries I have been reading.

Thomas Berry
Lester Brown
Noam Chomsky
John Bellamy Foster
Al Gore
Paul Hawken
David Korten
Joel Kovel
Michael Lerner
Joanna Macy
Bill McKibben
Larry Rasmussen
Nancy Roof

Otto Scharmer
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
Immanuel Wallerstein