Called by the depths

Reading C.G. Jung’s Red Book and using it as a tool for digging deeper in my life, thought, and various practices.

I mentioned Jung at the end of the last post, but that was more than three months ago. I have since been drawn in by the vortex of his Liber Novus (The Red Book). The gigantic facsimile edition has graced our home for almost five years, ever since I read this tantalizing pre-publication article in the New York Times. I was able to read a little of the book, but I eventually found the size and weight too unwieldy to handle. Recently I discovered its more conveniently sized companion, The Red Book: A Reader’s Edition, which arrived in the mail last Tuesday, along with Reading the Red Book by Sanford Drob.  I have a lot of momentum into reading The Red Book after listening to all of Lance Owens’ lectures and starting to read C.G. Jung: A Biography in Books, which I bought on Owens’ recommendation. It seems I am being called by the Spirit of the Depths to overcome the Spirit of This Time 🙂

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