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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

For my inquiry into the change of consciousness necessary to avert global eco-catastrophe, I want to focus on the theme that is currently emerging. For this purpose, I’m going back and forth between two resources that I’ve been digging into for months. They are Scott Preston’s blog The Chrysalis and Jordan Peterson’s YouTube videos of the two courses he teaches at the University of Ottawa. That’s Scott in the photo above.

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Scott Preston’s blog, The Chrysalis

What is the collective shift of consciousness so many refer to as necessary for the healing of the earth?

I was bogged down after spending about a year of inquiry into that question.  I found myself strongly drawn to reading The Red Book of CG Jung, which started with him being called by “the spirit of the depths”.  It took me to a deeper level, but I was unable to connect it with the results of my inquiry up to that point.

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The More Beautiful World

An old friend I haven’t seen for years has started a video blog where he and a partner are doing a collaborative discussion of The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible, by Charles Eisenstein. Here’s the link to their Facebook page.

I watched their Introductory video and read the first four (short) chapters of the book. They invited participants to comment on their personal reactions to the material. Here’s the comment I submitted to the web page:

I’ve been stuck in my blog because I have defined the theme as inquiring into “what is the shift in the global planetary consciousness that will be necessary for the self-healing of the earth?” I had developed a table some years ago of various answers found in books I had been drawn to read (11/29/2013, second paragraph, link at “List of authors”). I read the first 4 chapters of “More Beautiful World” yesterday. The shift from the Separation story to the Interbeing or Reunion story is a perfect fit, and in fact an underpinning, for the contrast that has been forming up.

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