This is a big project. Not quite as big as the picture would indicate, but sometimes it feels like it.

The original visual plan is changing slightly as the site develops, but is still basically intact. 

I wanted to make a detailed site map to give an overview and make it easy to find things. Doing it manually is too cumbersome for me to keep it current, and impossible to populate with live links. I have tried several programs that generate site maps automatically and each entry is a live link, but none of them worked. If anybody knows of a visual site map program that works with the current version of WordPress please let me know.

Why Kenzanweb? Kenzan Mokunin is the Buddhist name I was given when I had Jukai (lay ordination) in 1974. It means Firm Mountain Silent Patience.

Curious where the name Empty Poetry came from?

The Creative Commons license.

The precursor site, briefbiowhich became the first layer of this project.

About half of the easy part of copying previous writings into the WordPress format is done. Next is the more creative challenge of bringing out a coherent tone and readable flow from the current patchwork.

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